The Power of Thought

I have had this idea mulling around in my head for awhile. In the fitness industy they say “you are what you eat”…what if this is more than what you eat physically and also about what you eat (consume) mentally. Three people that I’ve never met have forever changed my perspective on life and intruduced me to the power of thought. Jen Sincero, Rachel Hollis and David Goggins. All authors and some who have inspired me the most.

Jen Sincero. I honestly do not know very much about her, but she wrote an amazing book entitled “You Are a Badass”. My biggest take away from that book was something she called “the big snooze”. It has been about two years since I’ve read this book but this concept is what stuck with me.

Whenever I am dwelling on something unpleasent, be it a memory that seems happy on the surface but really makes you sad, replaying a mistake I made over and over again in my head or just really feeling like I’m stuck in a funk for no reason at all.

I call it out…I ask myself if I want the “big snooze” to control the day or if I would like to be in control of my own day.

The “big snooze” looks different for everyone, but to me it’s anything that drags me mentally into a dull colored, sluggish and irritable zone. Having a name for this helps me step out of this zone. This is not who I am. It is simply a place where I get stuck occationally and I must choose to leave in order to find joy.

Rachel Hollis. I know way, WAY more about Rachel Hollis because she puts it ALL out there. This lady brought us books like “Girl Wash Your Face” and “Girl Stop Appologizing”.

I learned that keeping promises to myself was just as important as keeping promises to others. I learned that no matter how big your dream is, you should always go for it. If you don’t know something….learn. If you want to achieve your goals…plan. Saying no is not only okay, but important sometimes. Stop letting other’s opinions run the show.

I could probably go on forever about the things I’ve learned from this lady. But I promise I won’t. My biggest take away from her is that – sharing authentically is so powerful. And I strive to do that here.

David Goggins. This guy is the ultimate bad ass. I listened to the audio version of his book “Can’t Hurt Me” which also included mini interviews between chapters. I won’t be giving any spoilers for this book because it is truly amazing and one I think everyone should either read or listen to. But he taught me that no matter the circumstances, no matter the challenges, if you make the choice to give it your all and keep going, you can find your greatness.

Today I want you to pay attention to the internal dialog you are having. What types of things are you telling yourself? If you are telling yourself that your day is going to suck…you will be right. If you are telling yourself that your day will be amazing…you will be right. If you tell yourself I won’t ever be able to do that, you probably won’t ever try and will prove yourself correct.

I am going to bombard myself with positivie affirmations, possitive music, happy movies, feel good social media …all the good things for one week and then tell you how it goes.

I challenge you to do the same! Let me know what your choice of affirmations are? What is your go to happy vibe music? Who do you follow on social media that always brings a smile to your face? Put it in the comments below.

Have an amazing Tuesday!

Don’t let the “big snooze” get ya down.

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