A Musical Adventure

Happy Sunday! I woke up today to lots of beautiful white snow and sunny skies. I would love nothing more then to strap on snow snowshoes and headout for a proper adventure. The only problem is that I have a 10 hours shift at the hospital tonight. Now the question is. Do you want toContinue reading “A Musical Adventure”


Hey yall, it’s FRIYAY!!! I was going to write today about this AWESOME book that I just finished. Because, yes, that is correct, one book per month is my goal and I am now 2/2. 😀 As I said I was going to….BUT I think this topic needs to be discussed over and over andContinue reading “Boundaries”

The Power of Thought

I have had this idea mulling around in my head for awhile. In the fitness industy they say “you are what you eat”…what if this is more than what you eat physically and also about what you eat (consume) mentally. Three people that I’ve never met have forever changed my perspective on life and intruducedContinue reading “The Power of Thought”

The Adventures Begin

First of all I want to thank everyone who has already read my first posts on Valentine’s Day. I have aspired to start a blog for a very long time and now that it is really happening… it really is my dream coming true. So here are a few things you can expect to find.Continue reading “The Adventures Begin”

My Own Valentine

Big red hearts and teddy bears To all the broken hearts wondering if anyone cares You are unique and beautiful in every way You really don’t want those types of people to stay You are free now to be who you really are You are free now to dance, to play, to explore, to goContinue reading “My Own Valentine”

Valentine’s Day- a tragedy until now

What do you think when people buy themselves Valentine’s Day presents? I used to think it was because that person was super lame. That it was like a flashing beacon telling everyone else around them that they were unlovable. That presents couldn’t be special unless someone else gave them to you…. right?…actually that would beContinue reading “Valentine’s Day- a tragedy until now”